Ever since our history is love for solid oak, the art of handcrafts to add value to furnishings of each home. To guarantee the quality of the air that we breathe in our houses, and the health of our life. A product guaranteed and certified, natural and wth less glues, that allow to enjoy of an healthy home for us an for those who we love.
European oak as one of most precious essence of wood, of very high quality, resistence and stability in time, is well adaptable to each home, starting from the kitchen to the bathroom. Beauty and quality without compromises!v


Design and comfort for perfect furnishing.

Domus Arte offers different styles to furnish your home as your need. Creativity and quality to obtain the maximum comfort.

Thanks to countless finishes and colours, each furniture become a single piece, a true work of art that could make precious each context, from a classical villa to a modern loft.


A single piece that will last forever.

The decision of Domus Arte Italia to don't produce in series, gives to each furniture more value beacuse everything is produce at the order. A decision that is synonymous of guarantee and seriousness that since many years is appreciated by our customers.

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